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Airigami is pleased to present several unique community learning experiences in connection with the Airigami Balloon Adventure: Journey on the Genesee. We have developed several different levels of opportunities, which range in both age and fee level.

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If you have questions about the class or appropriateness for you or your children, contact us by phone at (585) 359-8695, or online. All materials are included in the price of classes. Additional items (patches, t-shirts and balloon kits) are avalable at registration. Activities are scheduled on a first come/first served basis. Book early to ensure availability!

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Group Talk & Twist

Ages: Kindergarten and up (appropriate for adult groups as well!)
Cost: $10/participant (min 10/session*)
Duration: 1 hour
Available: Daily January 30- February 6


Enhance your Balloon Adventure experience! After you take a self-guided tour of the sculpture, one of our Balloon Adventure Lead Artists will give a brief presentation, then teach your group how to create 2-4 beginner balloon sculptures, and answer questions.

For groups larger than 20, please contact us directly to make arrangements (585) 359-8695

Please note: classes with fewer than 10 registered students may be cancelled. For children’s groups, caregivers must be present for the duration of the workshop. Minimum caregiver/child ratio 1/5

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Participants registered before 1/2/2016 will receive an embroidered 2016 Airigami Balloon Adventure patch!

EXPERIMENT! Balloon Breakdown

Suggested Age Group: 8 and up
Cost: $20/kit (shipping not included)
When: Materials available immediately following the popping party.


Did you know that latex balloons are completely biodegradable? Educators, Troop and Group Leaders as well as other citizen scientists will be provided with the raw materials and instructions for a group experiment to document the breakdown of latex balloons. You’ll receive several pounds of balloons, a compost thermometer and support materials describing several different ways to compost in anything from a bucket to a backyard. This is a perfect opportunity for children to learn how to design and document a basic scientific experiment.

This is a long term (but low effort!) project. The balloons will take several months to degrade completely.

A compilation of findings will be published and available for download on the official Airigami Balloon Adventure site, We look forward to seeing and comparing your results! Participants that complete the study will be recognized for their contribution.

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Giving Thanks

Suggested Age Group: Any
Cost: Free!
When: While this independent project can be completed at any point, within 6 months of the event is preferred.

A project of this magnitude isn’t possible without the support of many generous individuals and businesses. We believe this is the perfect opportunity to teach children how to show gratitude. Children are invited to send written thank you notes, cards, photos and drawings to be shared with individual crew members, volunteers and sponsors.

While the event website features a list of sponsors, crew members and volunteers- groups are encouraged to think about all of the different tasks and people who are needed to create a large project. We hope that this is a chance for children to reflect not only on the jobs that are in the spotlight, but also the supporting roles that are often unseen. (For example, we’d love to honor the janitorial staff of the Sibley Building who make sure the public spaces are clean for everyone to enjoy!)

We will provide a brainstorming guide for group leaders on a week before the event begins. Items can be dropped off to the Airigami gift shop during the event, or mailed in bulk directly to the Airigami studio for distribution:

Airigami • 1115 East Main Street Box 72 • Rochester, NY 14609

Please note: items sent to Airigami may be reproduced and publicly shared in print and or digital format. Last names or other identifying information will be blurred in online distribution.

Airigami Balloon Adventure Crew Experience


Cost: $40 single participant
$50 youth & adult caregiver team
$75 two youth participants
$85 2 youths & adult caregiver team
Duration: 2 hours
Times: 4pm-6pm Monday, January 25 -or- Tuesday, January 26
Registration Deadline: 1/10/2016

If you have limited time available or you’re under the age of 15, you can still be a full-fledged crew member of the Airigami Balloon Adventure! Learn balloon twisting skills while constructing pieces for the sculpture.

Participants will receive a crew T-shirt AND an embroidered 2016 Airigami Balloon Adventure Crew patch exclusive only to crew!

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* Please note: for child participants, caregivers must remain on-site during the Airigami Balloon Adventure Crew Experience. Children must be at least 8 years old to participate. All non-participating children must be attended to by non-participating caregiver.