Win a pair of Popping Party Tickets!

Hey kids! Bust out those crayons, markers, and pencils (but please- hold off on the glitter!) It’s time for the Airigami Balloon Adventure drawing contest. Download and print the coloring sheet below.  In the green square, draw the creatures and plant life you would see while walking along the Genesee River in Rochester, NY. Your drawings might just inspire a piece in our sculpture!

When your drawing is complete you can scan and email it to us, or mail it to:
Airigami | 1115 East Main Street Box 72 | Rochester, NY 14604

Entries should be sent before January 15, 2016 for consideration. Winners will be announced online by January 26.

RULES: Kids of all ages can enter and have their drawings displayed at the exhibit. To win popping party tickets, you must be 16 years or younger.


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