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Airigami Balloon Adventure: Journey on the Genesee
 is a public art project that captures natural wonder of the Genesee region, using tens of thousands of balloons.

Our massive projects of the past have explored everything from Halloween haunted houses to fairy tales. As with our big projects of the last two years, the sculpture will be on public display for FREE in the atrium of Rochester’s historic Sibley Building. An early glimpse of spring indoors where it’s nice and toasty will be a welcome treat in the middle of winter.

Some history

Families watching the Airigami Balloon DisplayIf you’re new to our work, you may wonder where all of this came from. If you’ve followed the work of Airigami for a while, you may be wondering why we changed the name of our massive community project. Over the last decade, we’ve created six different events under the heading of Balloon Manor. It has seen multiple forms, from a ten-room Halloween haunted mansion to a beanstalk reaching five stories into the sky to an undersea world last year. Tens of thousands of people have visited these projects each year.

The name “Balloon Manor” was chosen when we were creating a haunted house. It still worked when we built The Very Tall Tale of Jack and his Beanstalk since it included a castle atop the beanstalk. Last year, we built the The Amazing Air-filled Undersea Adventure. We viewed it as a home for all of the sea creatures we created, but even we have to admit, it’s a bit of a stretch to call the wrecked ship beneath the sea a “manor”.  We’ve decided to adopt “Adventure” as our new theme.  We believe it will allow us to explore new ideas for many years into the future.

That’s a lot of work. Is it really free?

It is our goal to keep this event open and accessible to all families. For that reason, we do not charge a fee to enter and explore the exhibition. However, there are many expenses that we need to cover to make this happen, from the cost of materials to feeding and housing the crew. Without the support of our generous sponsors, and donors this event would not be possible.


We have a number of sponsor opportunities still available at various levels for businesses that wish to take a greater role in supporting this community project. Contact us for unique sponsorship and marketing opportunities.

The Journey on the Genesee

This year, the five story piece will explore the flora and fauna of New York’s Genesee River valley. A giant waterfall and river will flow through the atrium of Rochester’s Sibley Building, surrounded by examples of life found in the region.

An initial drawing of what we'll be building this January 2016.heron-web canada-goose-blue-web

About Airigami

Airigami is based in Rochester, NY. We travel the globe creating artwork. The Airigami Balloon Adventure was started in Rochester as our way of saying thank you to the city that’s helped us build our business. We are artists who specialize in creative content made entirely out of balloons. Our projects range from small individual sculptures to enormous record-breaking installations. We engineer and create unique, attention-grabbing sculptures of all sizes, full-scale events (like this Airigami Balloon Adventure), viral-friendly web video content, stop-motion animation and award winning illustrations all utilizing balloons.

Learn more about past projects and offerings at www.airigami.com.

About our Team

Larry Moss – Creative Director, Airigami
Kelly Cheatle – Artistic Director, Airigami

Suzanne Haring – Artist Wrangler
Richard Hughson – MacGyver
Michael Hardy – Sponsorship Director
Sally Cohen – PR
Lanna Lee Maheux – Social Media Maven
Dan Schneiderman – Social Media Maven
Renee Veniskey – Photography
Ward Hartenstein – Sound Design
Aprille Byam
Todd Neufeld
Lisa McIntire
Drew Ripley
Brian Asman
Laurie Straus

Crew members
Agnes Niewiadomski, Andrew WeaverAntony Romo, Deborah Fellman, Derek Wong, Faye M. Ori, Janice Spagnola, Jeff D’Ambrosio, John Slack, John Wolfson, Julie Zauzmer, Ken Romo, Kenwyn Dapo, Kim Spagnola, Linda Ripley, Maria Torres, Marsha Gallagher, Millie Boon, Mordeci Swald, Patti Gutter, Rachael Tachco, Remy Fenster, Robin Schepler, Rose Hasan, Sean Miller, Steph Smith, Stephanie Swald, Stuart Gutter, TJ Michael, Tracy Michael, Victoria Flugel, Vince Mehringer, Terry Moore, Walter Crum, David Lima, Katie Le, Tim Henshaw, Derrick Taylor, Libby Varno-Colbert, Michael Abrahamson, Barbara Kopp, Mark Spencer, Ihuoma Nkem, Lois Sprague, Debby Rice, Sheryl Watts, Diane Tunney, Julie Michael, Daron Lowell, Valerie Allison, Khiet Huynh-Hartman, Katherine Baca-Bielinis, Mary Ann Proia, Nicole Wolfson, Casey Wun, Joel Byam, Chris Durand

Did you know you can be on our crew, even if you’ve never twisted balloons before! Learn how…




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